L. Micki H. Moss is a painting knife artist who was born and raised in Pennsylvania. Her work focuses on Spirit and its connection to creativity and aesthetics. Micki has always felt a spiritual connection to the great outdoors. She can feel the presence of the “Creator” in the forests, lakes and fields around her. This connection intensified in 2001 when she had an out of body experience. During this, colors in the landscape seemed much more vibrant. She sensed an underlying living connective energy to everything.

Micki expresses her spiritual adventure through her textured and colorful landscapes. The cold wax and oil paint applied with the knives allows her to create a feeling of that energy she experienced. A colorful palette gives the viewer a hint of the vibrancy she witnessed while out of body.

Micki received her artistic training at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. She studied under notable Utah artists John Erickson, Anthony Smith, Sam Wilson, and Paul Davis. 

Micki is currently a member of the Gilpin County Arts Association. She served for seven years on GCAA’s Board of Directors in different capacities, two of those years as President. GCAA houses Washington Hall Gallery. It is home to the State of Colorado’s oldest, continuously running Juried Show – 74 years and counting. Her paintings are in collections across the United States.

Micki currently lives high up in the Colorado Rockies with her husband Joseph and two cats, Tabitha and Mr. Stevens.